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I'm really concerned that the spouse does not think this

Dear Sugar Radio was a weekly podcast from representative station WBUR. Hosts Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed give "radical empathy" and advice on from affairs and parenthood to handling medication troubles or anxieties.

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Today the offers see whether men and women can really become platonic friends. Initially, one woman writes that the girl boyfriend feels that "attraction at some point get the better" of every straight male and female pals. Then, the sugar listen to from a lady wondering if all men are tired of creating strong, emotionally-probing talks.

I am a new woman in a tight-knit, male-dominated, imaginative business. We have multiple near male friends i'm significantly connected with, and I indicate correct company with who We communicate powerful, but platonic, mental bonds. I enjoy the richness these relationships give my life.

My partner does not. He is sure people can't ever undoubtedly getting friends — that attraction at some point obtain the best of a single or each party, flipping devastating for every. He's usually suspicious of my male pals and frustrated within my investment inside.

Naturally, this irks me, but glucose, is actually the guy correct? Could it be only unlikely to trust actual male/female friendships include renewable? Am we getting naive to imagine we're not chemically sure to develop romantic ideas, and therefore if these types of an attraction performed happen, we could recoup without shedding the relationship?