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The World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test. Health is Wealth - Invest in Yours by understanding everything your DNA can tell you today, so you can start taking control of your health.


Eat according to your genes. Research shows that variations in certain genes can have a significant effect on the way our body responds to the food we consume. Optimise your health by building your personal plate based on how your body handles food groups like carbs, fats, dairy, and more. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutrition.


Nutrients are one of the main factors for our cell regular function. We metabolise nutrients differently base on our unique genetic code. Our report provides detailed explanation of nutrients your body needs. We all metabolise nutrients differently based on our unique genetic make-up. Your body already knows what it needs, and now you can too by taking the guesswork out of which supplements to choose and which nutrient-dense foods to eat. Learn about how your DNA plays a role in your body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals, so that you can take control of your longterm health with personalised nutrient recommendations.


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